Show Your North Raleigh Pride, #NORAnc, Receive A NORA Gift

3”x6” Car Magnet

3”x6” Car Magnet

Raleigh makes it easy to “love where you live,” and even easier to love your particular area of Raleigh. ITB, North Hills, Brier Creek, etc., every area offers something special. For me, that’s North Raleigh.

NORA, if you please.  

The exact lines of NORA fluctuate as our alluring city grows.  Whether your address has morphed into Midtown or skims just below Hwy 98, NORA remains one of the most desirable locations in Raleigh--there are simply too many reasons to love it.  Horse farms, Falls Lake, Sola, etc., my personal list could go on and on.

We at Jenne Homes want to hear why YOU love North Raleigh.  In return, we will send you a super snazzy NORA car magnet exclusively designed by Jenne and myself for our readers and neighbors who appreciate NORA as much as we do. (while supplies last)

It’s simple:

  1. Comment below to tell us why you love NORA, and share this post with a friend or neighbor to do the same.

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  3. Receive an email requesting details of where to send your magnet. (email may take 24 hrs)